Our Mission

I’m So Yoga Newark is run by a group of like minded people who not only live, eat and breathe in Newark but also love Yoga. The primary goal is to bring a healthy and enjoyable activity to the area as well as grow a community of friends with a common interest. We are a Vinyasa (Flow) based studio with a variety of teacher with different backrounds. Yoga is a way to increase your feeling of wellness, concentration, flexibility and self-acceptance. Yoga is also proven to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, tension, weight and blood pressure as well as sugar, cholesterol levels, arthritis and muscle tension.  Weather your a beginner or advanced yoga student you can enjoy these benefits. 

Leslie - Owner Founder  

Leslie’s journey began in 2014 after taking yoga classes in Newark she fell in love with yoga. She knew yoga was something she had to pursue. Leslie began seeking information in the yoga industry and came across a yoga workshop at Earth Yoga NYC. She then learned she would need to expand her knowledge of yoga. Fortunately Earth Yoga NYC Yoga Teacher Training was going to begin shortly after that workshop. Leslie then took the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Earth Yoga NYC. By taking part in the 2015 Yoga Teacher Training she learned there are various styles of yoga, multiple levels and a diversity in  prospective's to teach from. Leslie teaches at a Vinyasa Flow mixed level class and is eager to learn more in her yoga journey.  It was always a plan in her mind to open a Yoga Studio and she did. She enjoys being of service to others, teaching yoga is a great way for her to do so.  Yoga has impacted Leslie in various ways, her memory has improved, she is more flexible, and is now stronger physically and mentally. Leslie runs I'm So Yoga Newark she is the owner, operator and main Yoga Instructor her goal is to give people the opportunity to practice yoga regardless of their weight, race, or sex.  

Contact us

Text or  Call us: 862.236.3376
Email us: imsoyoganewark@gmail.com
1186 Raymond Blvd 4th FL Newark, NJ 07102

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