Class Schedule

Please check schedule before coming to class. Schedule subject to change.

Monday   7 AM w/ Carlos | 8 PM w/ Leslie

Tuesday  8 AM w/ Leslie | 6:30 PM w/ Stephanie | 8 PM w/ Leslie

Wednesday  (9:45 AM w/ Megan as of Nov 1) | 6:30 PM w/ Juliana | 8 PM w/ Leslie

Thursday  8 AM w/ Leslie | 8 PM w/ Kishan

Friday 12 PM w/ Leslie Free Class at Whole Foods Atrium

Saturday  9 AM w/ Carlos | 12:00 PM w/ Carlos 

Sunday     10 AM w/ Leslie | 12 PM w/ Kishan|  (2 PM w/ Toussaint as of Oct 29)

See you soon!
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