Hand Stand

Start at a Downward Facing Dog slowly begin to shorten the pose by walking your feet towards your hands. Leave your favorite foot about two feet in front of the other then begin to launch off of the front leg, engage your core as you come up hold the arms straight.


Camel Pose

Come to standing on your knee's leaving room between you feet and legs begin to push your pelvis forward. Still pressing down into you feet and shins bring your hands on your hips push yourself forward a bit, open up the chest bring the shoulder blades towards one another option to look up.

Child's Pose

Bring the knees out wide allow the big toes to touch, relax your forehead on your mat and stretch your arms out in front of you. Don't under estimate this pose there is power in it. They say the strongest Yogi in the room will be in Child's pose while everyone else is in Down Dog.