I'm So Yoga seeks to change the direction of yoga practice in Newark, NJ. 




Enjoy your experience with us. Please read the following tips to create the best environment for yourself and others in class:

  • We ask that you be on time to class or make it a habit to arrive early.

  • Please turn off all electronics and minimize conversation. 

  • Remove socks and shoes it will help you grip your mat.

  • When you enter, please settle down quietly. Do not, slam your mat, shoes or belongings.  

  • Good hygiene shows respect to ourselves & others, it should never be compromised. Go easy on perfume & cologne. 

  •  Wear comfortable fitness clothes that are not revealing the areas.

  • Eating before class? Allowing 2 hours to digest before class will make it easier and more comfortable to partake in the class. Should you need a light snack beforehand, have a handful of nuts or a little fruit.

  • Remember you came to enjoy yourself to work on your physical, mental, spiritual health smile a little relax.

Class Schedule

Please check website and social media sites before coming to class. Schedule subject to change.

Monday 5:30 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie  |  8 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie

Tuesday   5:15 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie | 6:15 PM Beginner Yoga w/ Leslie  | 8 PM Twerk Yoga w/ Andrella 

Wednesday  12 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie | 6:30 PM HOT Vinyasa Yoga w/ Aura  |  8 PM Bailafro w/ Bella

Thursday 7:00 AM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie | 7 PM Zumba w/ Maria | 8 PM Glow Yoga w/ Aura 

Friday 12 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie 

Saturday  8 AM HOT Vinyasa Yoga w/ Sabreen | 10 AM Contemporary Hip Hop w/ Oneil  |  12 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Leslie 

Sunday  8 AM Belly Dance w/ Maria  |  12 PM Vinyasa Yoga w/ Kishan |  6:30 PM Restorative Yoga w/ Sabreen

Kids Yoga Saturday's at 9 AM w/ Tyler or Sub $8

Yoga Class Pricing

Drop In   Yoga $15   |   Zumba $10   |   Hip hop $10  |  Twerk $15  | Bailafro $15 | Belly Dance $20

5 Classes (Expires 45 days from activation)  Yoga $65 Zumba $45 But & Gut $75 Twerk $65 Kids $35

10 Classes (Expires 3 months from activation)  $120 Zumba $80

Monthly Unlimited Yoga(Expires 30 days from activation)  $100

Monthly Unlimited ALL (Expires 30 days from activation)  $250

   Mat Rental $1.00  | Towel Rental $1 |  Water $1.00 | Coin Skirt Rental $5


My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

 Contact Us:

Text or  Call us: 862.236.3376
Email us: imsoyoganewark@gmail.com
1186 Raymond Blvd 4th FL Newark, NJ 07102
Click social media sites for updates