Where are you located?
1186 Raymond Blvd 4th Floor Newark, NJ 07102

I don't see the door. (Photo Attached Below)
Look for Ark Deli we are in between the Jewelry Store & H&R Block on Raymond Blvd.

How early should i arrive?
We recommend arriving 10 minutes before class.

How do i get upstairs?
Open the door to 1186 Raymond Blvd walk in turn left and take the elevator up to 4th Fl.

The front door is not open.
The instructor is not there yet or the class is canceled check website and social media sites.

The elevator is not letting me go up.
The instructor is not there yet or the class is canceled check website and social media sites.

Do you sell yoga mats?
Yes we do our yoga mats are perfect for beginners / intermediate students and are $15.

Do you rent yoga mats?
Yes we do mat rental is $1

Do you rent hand towels?
Yes we do towel rental is $1

What do i need to take a class?
Yoga mat, water, if you perspire a lot bring a hand towel and a smile.

Can i eat before class?
Allowing 2 hours to digest before class will make it easier and more comfortable to partake in the class. Should you need a light snack beforehand, have a handful of nuts or a little fruit.

What is the temperature of the room?
We keep the temperature in the room between 75 and 80 degrees unless HOT will be 90 degrees. 

Are the other classes included in the monthly unlimited?

What is included in the monthly unlimited?
Unlimited classes, yoga mat storage, free mat and towel rental.

Class Packages:

Can I share my class packages?
No, class packages may not be shared.

When do they expire?
5 pack 45 days after first class
10 pack 90 days after first class
Monthly pack 30 days days after first class

I still had classes left and my package expired. What do I do now?
You have the option to pay an extension fee of $15 for two extra weeks or purchase a new package.

How long do I have to redeem my class(es) after purchase?
You have 90 days to redeem your classes after purchase, otherwise there will be no refund or classes. 

Can I purchase classes for a friend or family member?
Yes you may go ahead and purchase the package and let us know who you would like the package to go to. They may come in redeem their classes within 90 days of purchase.

Street Parking is available on the surrounding streets like Commerce St, Park St, Park Pl Cedar St, Halsey St and Mulberry St. When parking in the street remember to pay attention to the signs and meters. Permit Parking is for Residents Only, Handicap Parking are for handicap only meters downtown Newark end at various times please be sure to read them when parking. Parking Lots are also available on Raymond Blvd, by Military Park and Mulberry St.



I'm So Yoga Studio Front door entrance Newark, NJ
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